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  • Safety and peace-of-mind at every stage of your project
  • A complete boiler installation package, tailored to suit your individual needs
  • Fantastic value for money

Our boiler installation work is carried out to the highest professional standards. Our team are fully-qualified, and use only the best-quality parts.

Simply London Plumbers specialise in the installation of modern, efficient condensing boilers. We recommend A-Rated boilers, meaning they convert over 90% of their fuel into heat compared with just 55% for old type boilers – money-saving and environmentally-friendly, the perfect combination!

Saving You Hassle

Is your boiler over ten years old?

If it is, then maybe you should start thinking about having it replaced. After ten years, necessary repairs tend to get more frequent, and you may be better off with a new boiler, which will start saving you hassle and money as soon as it’s installed.

Comprehensive Site Surveys

Before installing any combi or system boiler, it’s VITAL carry out a comprehensive site survey first. This discussion will ensure your preferences can be taken into account, and that you understand exactly what the installation involves. Simply London Plumber always conducts a full pre-installation check, which we like to think is part of the reason we have so many happy customers!


Fuel bills never seem to stop going up, and it seems that heating your home has never been so expensive. Here’s something you should keep in mind… Did you know that when you install a condensing boiler with a full set of heating controls, you could save as much as 55% of your annual heating fuel bill: around £310 a year? A new boiler installation may seem like a big financial outlay, but if you look at it long-term, it could be one of the wisest investments you ever make.

Safety Guaranteed

Don’t put your safety, or that of the ones you love, at risk. Working with gas is dangerous, and any new boiler installation should only be handled by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Simply London Plumbers are fully-qualified, and happy to advise you on how to operate your system safely.